Roots and Evolution

Latin Vox Machine: From the underground seeds, a story of perseverance that emerges towards the light, reaching the stars.


Latin Vox Machine was founded in 2017 in Buenos Aires by the Venezuelan producer and composer Omar Zambrano. The orchestra emerged from the union of 35 Venezuelan musicians who played in the streets and subway stations of the city, looking to create a space of containment and integration and bring their music to the most important stages in Argentina. Zambrano envisioned an orchestra that reflected the cultural diversity of Latin America, fusing musical genres to create something unique, and brought together talented musicians from Argentina, Venezuela, and other countries in the region.

From the beginning, Latin Vox Machine has performed classical works by recognized composers such as Shostakovich, Mahler, Dvorak, Beethoven, and Mozart in symphonic orchestra format. Additionally, they have diversified their repertoire by including popular music in their performances, with styles such as tango, merengue, Venezuelan tonada, soul, bossa nova, pop, rock, and samba.

Over time, the group has evolved towards original composition, embracing the variety of genres they handle. In 2021, during the pandemic, Latin Vox Machine presented the symphonic musical «The Little Prince,» fusing the symphonic base with soul, gospel, jazz, funk, and Latin music, offering deep and reflective lyrics inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s texts.

Today, the orchestra focuses on creating accessible music for everyone, breaking with the elitist and cold protocol associated with classical orchestras. Their distinctive sound combines Anglo and Latin genres with a global sensation, focusing on funk, soul, and Latin jazz. Latin Vox Machine aims to bring large-format music to the general public, with an intellectual perspective and a focus on deep themes.

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