Latin Vox Machine was established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a result of Venezuelan musicians coming together to escape the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and search for a space of support and integration. Our aim is to showcase talented musicians on the most prestigious stages in Argentina and around the world, celebrating the cultural diversity of Latin America. Today, the orchestra consists of talented musicians from Argentina, Venezuela, and other countries in the region, blending musical genres. United in our passion for music, we strive to enrich the cultural life of our community and overcome the challenges we face along the way.


Your support is crucial in a context where economic and political challenges in Latinamerica affect both immigrant and local musicians, as investment in culture often takes a backseat to other government priorities. With your contribution, you enable these musicians to continue growing, connecting with other artists, and sharing their talent in Argentina and beyond. Together, we promote cultural diversity and social inclusion. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a difference in our lives and helps us cover essential operating expenses, allowing us to carry on with our mission.


Your support can make a notable difference in the musical journey of Latin Vox Machine. Here are two ways to contribute, each designed to fit your preferences:

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We sincerely thank all the individuals, companies, and organizations that have supported Latin Vox Machine on our journey. Thanks to their generosity and commitment, we have overcome obstacles and continue sharing our music and culture with the world. Thank you for being part of our community and helping us build a better future together!


We have had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious UN agencies such as UNHCR and IOM, who provided support in our early days. These partnerships have been instrumental in our growth and development and reflect our commitment to excellence and social impact. By donating to Latin Vox Machine, you join a group of organizations and individuals who share our vision and support our mission to transform lives through music ∴

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